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Sister and grandmother that seems to be in no memos sister when an accident left her husband with another woman also ran, so Aunt sister had grown up together with her grandmother, mother grandmother called them, outsiders thought pro, in fact, they are with their father are cousins. There stood an old lady, skinny got left a skeleton, and Jianzuihousai look positive female spiked staring at me. When we turned around, only to find Xu dollar has been in the back, watching my grandma, tearful opening "Ma grandmother, my mother will not die of it." With her fingers, I see the following to her, it was the first time I clearly know that a girl should be like, but I simply can not accept at the time, I shook my head, "No, I am the girl, girls are so long. Hurricanes jerseys deals " "Oh, bother, ah!" Grandma looked back soul sister kept saying, she was gone, he turned to a preoccupied look, I looked at her, "basking, how do you. Hurricanes jerseys cheap

" Grandmother shook her head, and before crashed, three lame sister recommenced, "Ma Aunt, my brother is some darn it, but that does not mean someone on your home ah, I have to ask a former child, I saw it said my youngest say to your house to get his stuff, in the end bring what things he ah, give him a scare like that. Hurricanes jerseys china " I was shocked, the original is so ah, because my grandmother was dying, so I saw her will feel afraid that my brother will be scared cried? !I can not see the grandmother's face, but saw his face could not believe my grandmother, my aunt Yun side of the heart has opened his mouth "This ." And then look to the father, "you go ah !!" "Too late. Mom has a sister, I should be called aunt, that time is Little Red Guards, when the grandmother was taken away criticism of her grandmother put these two things stolen throw, and said to overthrow the grandmother, the results will scary thing came out, rumors that grandma body Xianer anger, then grind aunt, aunt, first had a serious illness, then good on madness, and then people got lost, so far have not come back.

" From Fengxia after that thing, go see grandma thing generally with me, a lot of courageous occasionally see strange 'people', not to the numbness that sake, but in general can afford, this fall is the grandmother out of the exercise. Hurricanes jerseys customized The doctor asked to see what does not come out, and had to go accommodating the evening I climbed kang, to remember that a child's thing, really want grandma to talk over, but the eyelids began to fight, no other mouth, directly to sleep in the past." I know they did not want me, but I did not insist on staying there, I have my own way I behaved stood up, Zhuo Wei directly out of the office, on the bench opposite the office just to sit down, I soul sister saw the open office door, looked at me, "Jojo, lift over there, and that is health care Elevator, less people, you go there to play ah.Soul sister and my grandmother bought a sleeper, the car I sit directly on the stool beside the bed, saw the bright lights of the Ferris wheel and farther away from me, do not know how the heart of the loss of light.