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" Zhuo Wei looked at the soul sister "spiritual ah, you take the kids to go over there to check to see if breast development hair did, and finished vulva imperfect, kids conflict I checked, you help me look good. " Grandma nodded "Well, thank you, too much trouble ah. " Grandma shook his head "No, I just feel there are evil spirits, adult all right, my main Jiao Long with it, I can not let her have a thing. houston texans jerseys with rhinestones " I carefully to what you just saw the child's place looked really nothing he shook his head, thinking, seeing things may be true. houston texans jerseys with 10 year patch " Grandmother did not speak, but her mother Tracy opened directly cover leg towel, then to something rotting smell comes out, Tracy's mother is a scream, the whole face painful mouth shouting loudly "Oh OMG !! I die, fast knife! fast leg with a knife put to me stamped ah !!!" I gave her a leg, thigh flesh seems to be following what sharp claws to scratch open, along the yellow pus dripping out of that hole stop, then along with that kind of rancid smell, I stomach instantly crest could not help it. "Jiao Long, you all right." I turned, but once again shocked, Xu dollars actually sitting on the kang edge looking at me, "You are sleeping three or four days .

" Grandma in the back opening cold." Xu Gang grandmother watching some doubts, "aunt, why should a tiger ah, ah easy to find a tiger. Where Aunt Papa difference a year old child a month younger than me, I never met my sister, sister it is this town, I heard relatively promising, he admitted to a key university after graduation now hospital intern doctor." Grandma frown "have to give your mother to suppress ah, or else she was all right up your old home days there, okay?!" At the end, grandmother and told the words, "Do not forget to buy a point of incense burning paper, and quickly go. houston texans jerseys women That afternoon, I have a very quiet, grandma said my father to buy tickets is fast, so the car did not stop a few stops, but when I see afar when a huge Ferris wheel, I was stunned, pointing to the grandmother looked at." I do not dare look at her, this is the first time I looked at the living have this feeling of fear it, and then I looked at her from my side came directly entered the room.

" Grandma nodded, looked at my father, "Oh, good. " I was a sour, took her hand, "Great, yeah, you got me, I Hello, when I said let me basking you come to my house." Grandmother nodded, took me just want to take the door, but shocked "Mind?" I stared, his face anxious soul sister actually ran in from the yard outside, shouting his mouth "Brother! Brother!" Dad walked up from behind me and looked at the soul sister, "how do you come back now, it was not that day." She did not crashed, just glanced at me, probably not satisfied with my performance, look to my father, "she basking come yet." I did not hear too well, really I do not understand how the grandmother suddenly angry with me, honesty, I did not naughty ah. houston texans jerseys wholesale , that ugly point is a witch, often before giving the god of dance, but the Cultural Revolution, when they were hit, then the god of dance waist bell hung bones, jumped to squelch the sound, but also holding the hands of what things are made of bone, called Huner giving or seeking drugs when used .