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"Almost ." "Your class?" He chuckled a little, I looked at some interesting "black monkey, how many people in your class ah, is not even a teacher you do not ." I was squeezed in the back, even the doctors have gone on ahead, crane your neck looking toward that hole, I also want to go inside to see, just to hard to look inside, when suddenly the hand was caught, I bowed my head, actually that little baby, can not help a little surprised, "how are you. "The children in addition to sleeping there anything else wrong with it, wake up crying cry?" Grandma can not help but listen to the words of mouth Tracy asked. Houston Rockets jerseys small " "Hey, white boy did it hurt, really want to leave you and I grew up I would hate ah." "Do not ask. "Really ah, that cream so easy to use it, I'll tend to go out a buy at home prepared with. " "You're cold, ah.

Once again, I froze, looking at the side of her grandmother, her hand still in the air does not come back, staring at heart Yun Aunt "I educate a child right, how can you move my child, there is a word I have to remind you , Jiao Long name is Lin, this is her home, but you are the outsider. Pick up the pace, so I follow up, and found his father's burial did not know what to make out of a hole to dig, grave package gave destroyed. Grandma nodded "from the start. "I know, you be careful ah, or else the first county to Huijuan sent eggs, and then to the provincial capital of it. I stuck his head through the window with grandpa waved until the car pulled away bumps along the way, I just close your eyes, do not know whether it was in a dream, I saw smiling children standing in front of me, "Sister, you to see the man it! " "Who?" A Ji Ling, I suddenly sat up, looked at me the grandmother next to "dreaming ah. "You want to like. Houston Rockets jerseys on sale "Jiao Long, are you doing it!" I am scared Ji Ling, who is a hard, went directly to Arch house, Tracy would have listened to her grandmother, then a bit nervous, and then I was suddenly broke into the house of the mother scared cry, almost to the little child to threw.

" Said a direct hand in the past to get on. Houston Rockets jerseys sale " Grandma's eyes a move away from my face, stood up straight, hands pick up on things with "Jiao Long ah, grandma now take you home ah." Grandmother grunted, laid hold of my hand, looked Fengxia a "then you have to ask you a young married woman, dead things get really not life. " "Tang Yucheng. In the evening I clean the Suko directly into pasta pot under grandpa, watching them both eat my heart is considered the place to put, in my opinion, they are my only family, I'm really afraid of them something, but grandma said to guard my children since it is, I think, he will guard my family." "I know if anybody actually had, is . Houston Rockets jerseys shirt I frowned, listening inside Zhuo Wei openings should be a grandmother, then, "I suggested, after the child's development and other sound or do the surgery, the first child is now very vague awareness of gender, followed by hormone metabolism in the body after surgery, she will appear problems must be long-term hormone therapy, which is the child's body and mind have a great impact.