Levi's - Alicia Keys from Anchor Light on Vimeo.

Levi’s Music Project

A three-part series for Levi's focusing on music and philanthropy. For this video, Alicia Keys works with young aspiring musicians in a Brooklyn public school.

Credits +


Client: Levi’s

Agency: Imprint Projects

Starring: Alicia Keys, SZA, Vince Staples

Director & DP: Michael Belcher

Producers: Claire MacDonald, Mai Fujiwara

Production Manager: Caroline Conrad

Creative Direction: YummyColours

Stylists: Vanna Youngstein, Jazmine McGilbert

Hair: Lizzie Arneson

Make-Up: Nicole Elle Rogers

Gaffer: David Gettens

Lighting: AJ Holden

Sound: Jesse Stormo, Benjamin Wong, Charles Mead

Editor: One Thousand Percent

Music: George Langford