Georgia O'Keeffe – Interpreted by Petra Collins from Anchor Light on Vimeo.

O’Keeffe Reimagined

Petra Collins reinterprets Georgia O’Keeffe's depictions of the American desert, for the Tate Modern.  

Credits +


Client: Tate Modern

Starring: Maia Ruth Lee, Barbie Ferreira, Ajani Russell, Seashell Coker, Lee Armoogam

Director: Petra Collins

DP: Kevin Hayden

Executive Producer: Sydney Buchan

Producer: Caroline Conrad

Production Manager: David Brody

Production Designer: Lauren Nikrooz

Stylist: Zara Mirkin

Hair & Make-Up: Erin Green

Editor: Orian Barki

Narration: The Originals: Women in Art: Georgia O'Keeffe (1977)